We were founded in September 1960 by Stanley R. Farber, as Answering Bureau of San Francisco. Stan was an officer and a pilot in WWII, and, after the war ended he went to graduate school and eventually received his CPA license. His business acumen led the way for many years of steady growth and consistent levels of quality service.

During the 1960s the only equipment choice was to rent Western Electric switchboards from Pacific Telephone.  An answering service in those days could only serve the customers whose phone number was housed in the same telephone central office as they were. Due to that limitation, we opened multiple other offices in select cities and neighborhoods that allowed us to serve our target customers.

As of the end of the 1970’s, we had 16 offices and 150 employees, primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is believed that we were one of the five largest answering services in the US at that time. The computerized inventions of the 1980’s and the AT&T divestiture provided alternate equipment sources and we purchased specialized computerized systems designed just for our industry.

The advent of call forwarding allowed us to serve distant customers from a centralized location, and we began the process of consolidating offices into regional centers. We purchased select answering services in market areas that we wished to serve over the years and this included Chico/Paradise( covering Oroville to Redding), Los Angeles, Auburn (covering Sacramento to LakeTahoe), Lake Havasu City, AZ (covering Phoenix, AZ & Las Vegas, NV).  We virtually serve any community in America.